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Punching is a technique that efficiently cuts sheet metal to create contours, shapes, threads, countersinks, etc. Our modern punching machines are able to machine large amounts of sheet material in a very short time without ever compromising accuracy. This makes it a very cost effective approach to use with high volume production. Computer control creates an exacting precision and the uniform result satisfies the most stringent quality requirements. Our automated punching optimizes the use of sheet metal material and minimizes the amount of wastage. In the STOPA installation, we can quickly and accurately carry out multiple production steps, including punching, screw threading, and bending, all in a single flow. 

  • Highest production speed
  • Suitable for high volume manufacturing
  • High precision with low tolerances
  • Repeatable with even and precise quality
  • Able to meet tight deadlines
  • Cost effective

We can provide a range of different punch tools. We also produce new tools for the fabrication of unique designs based on your specifications. Get in touch with your requirements.

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